April 10, 2011

P2 Block 1 finished!

Phew! I have finished block number 1! Not entirely happy with it because most of the seams in the circle dont match so I think I will remake towards the end of the quilt along. Here are a couple of photos for y'all:

P2 QAL Block 1
In progress, looked far better before I sewed it together haha.

All done!

P2 Block 1 finished!
See? Crap. Thankgod I'm only a beginner.


April 7, 2011

P2 Quilt Along block 1 progress.

And so the P2 quilt along has kicked off. First block? Design your own. Yeah, no worries! Ha, had no idea where to start until I found an block on eBay. However, I overlooked the fact it included circles. Circles! Here I was thinking that I'd have to hand sew them but no, I figured out how to use my machine :) And another bonus is the rough calico test block turned out pretty much at 12". Just a few adjustments to make.


Picture this one with Mango, Azure, White and Slate :D if you can. VERY excited about this block as it's the hardest thing I've done since I started sewing in January.

March 27, 2011

Sneak Peaks and WIPs

Hello all. I thought I would update with a few pics of my WIPs. I'm really excited that the P2 quiltalong starts tomorrow as it's the first one I've participated in as I've only been sewing since January!

On with the pictures:
This is a quilt for my niece made using Oh Franssons New Wave quilt pattern. I love the fabrics in this one!

Fabric cut for the next quilt. (Yay Tweets!)

Beautiful fabric I picked up in Melbourne yesterday. First two bundles are from Ink and Spindle, the red dog print is "Boys will be Boys" by David Walker, a cute owl print is Opal Owl by Tina Givens and the bottom one is the blue Zoology print from Michael Miller. I could have spent so much money in that fabric store!

Also popped into Spotlight on Sydney Rd and found this cute balloon animal print:
As it's 65% polyester and 35% cotton I'm not sure if I can use it for quilting. Any suggestions?

And finally, I'm making a skirt from Larkspur and thought the pattern looked good hanging on the line hehe

Phew! This is the end of a big post! Hope you enjoyed my sneak peaks. Cheers!

March 13, 2011


Argh! I am trying to pick fabric for my 6 year old nephews quilt and I don't want to go too childish. I was thinking of Ann Kelle new "Read, Set, Go" line but decided to leave that for the 2 year old nephew. Any suggestions?

March 2, 2011

Fresh start

Hello there. I have had this blog for quite awhile but have decided to delete the old posts and start afresh. From now on, it will be about my sewing/ quilting adventures and other random things. No more emo depressed stuff! I am planning on entering a Bloggers Pillow Party competition soon, will keep ya posted. Cheers.